Scott Yardley
Loyalty Superstore
Loyalty Superstore, Deerfield Beach, FL
Full Stack Developer / Lead Programmer, Nov 2012 – Oct 2017
  • Develop PHP/ColdFusion apps/scripts updating the db and delivering content specific to the client.
  • Create dynamic customer experiences in HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery making AJAX calls to server side APIs/scripts to update user data.
  • Design database structures in both MySQL and MSSQL. Manage/update them in MySQL workbench and SQL Server. Maintain both Apache and NT servers.
  • API coding. (Mailgun, Commission Junction, Facebook, LinkShare )
  • Assign work via JIRA, Manage JIRA workflow
  • Skills used: PHP, OOP, MVC, 3rd party APIs, mySQL, AJAX, Javascript, jQuery, CSS3, HTML5, LAMP, IIS, MS Workbench, Remote Desktop, JIRA