Scott Yardley


BEX Realty, Boca Raton, FL
Senior PHP Deveoper, Oct 2017 - Present
  • Develop PHP apps & scipts updating the database and delivering content as configured by the user.
  • Create dynamic GUI's for internal management of real-estate feeds using Bootstrap/jQuery/AJAX to PHP APIs
  • API coding ( various real-estate feeds using PHRETS)
  • Skills used: PHP, OOP, mySQL, AJAX, Javascript, jQuery, CSS3, HTML5, LAMP, JIRA, PHRETS, Vagrant, VirtualBox
Full Stack Developer / Lead Programmer, Nov 2012 – Oct 2017
  • Develop PHP/ColdFusion apps/scripts updating the db and delivering content specific to the client.
  • Create dynamic customer experiences in HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery making AJAX calls to server side APIs/scripts to update user data.
  • Design database structures in both MySQL and MSSQL. Manage/update them in MySQL workbench and SQL Server. Maintain both Apache and NT servers.
  • API coding. (Mailgun, Commission Junction, Facebook, LinkShare )
  • Assign work via JIRA, Manage JIRA workflow
  • Skills used: PHP, OOP, MVC, 3rd party APIs, mySQL, AJAX, Javascript, jQuery, CSS3, HTML5, LAMP, IIS, MS Workbench, Remote Desktop, JIRA
Full Stack Developer, Jan 2003 – Nov 2012
  • Develop JavaScript / jQuery scripts to manipulate the DOM or AJAX data from the server adjusting the clients presentation while maintaining responsive design.
  • Develop PHP apps / scripts delivering client specific HTML and/or updating user history in the MySQL db while keeping OOP practices in mind.
  • Database design, maintenance & Linux/Apache maintenance
  • Set/implement onsite/offsite SEO strategies and analysis.
  • API coding. (Facebook,,,, Mailgun)
  • Skills used: PHP,OOP, mySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, CSS3, PHP GD, ImageMagick, eBook Formatting, SEO, LAMP, Google Anaytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Google AdSense, Audio streaming.
EDIETS.COM, Deerfield Beach, FL
Full Stack Developer, Jan 1999 – Jan 2003
  • Architect code & website flow of new development to fit into the existing database/code/server structure and & user experience. Assess work & time requirements and assign/hire/contract work. Oversee full project
  • Because my work was so successfully I was given free range to code whatever I wanted. I built primarily community feature but I also wrote two versions of our CSM and our Fitness add-on which alone generated (2 million/year)
  • One of the key people responsible for the success of which grew from 7 to 150 employees within the 4 years I worked there.
Full Stack Developer, Jan 1996 – Apr 1999
  • Built custom websites for local merchants making them present uniformly across all browsers. This was a time before consortiums forced browsers to comply with universal standard.
  • Write server side Visual Basic code to query a MS Access DB via CGI returning the record sets into HTML.
  • Skillset: Visual Basic via CGI / MS Access on an O'Reilly Website/NT Server. This was before Microsoft had a web server and current popular web languages existed. Switched to Cold Fusion/MS Access on a IIS/NT Server. Used ASP when freeware version of ColdFusion was neutered.
Systems Administrator, May 1994 – May 1996
  • Maintain/administer 120 user local Novell network, 4 user Apple local talk network. 6 user Workgroups network.
  • First response for all computer issues. Diagnose, troubleshoot, resolve hardware/software/network problems. Fix or replace.
  • Perform data backups and disaster recovery operations.
  • Skillset: 120 user Novell 3.x & 4.x network, local talk & Quark Server networks, NT, Workgroups, TCPIP, IPX/SPX. Wrote DOS batch routines, Visual Basic, Clipper to ease maintenance and management.
US ARMY, Fort Bragg, NC
Special Forces Green Beret, Aug 1982 – Jul 1986
  • Special Forces units are tasked with seven primary missions: unconventional warfare, foreign internal defense, special reconnaissance, direct action, counter-terrorism, counter-proliferation, psychological operations and information operations.


Miami-Dade Community College, Miami, FL
Completed coursework towards Computer Science degree, Jun 1982
Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, IL
BA Theology, Jun 1992
Computer Savvy, Fort Lauderdae, FL
Novell Certified Course, Feb 1995 - May 1995
Dale Carngie Training, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Dale Carngie Course, Sep 2002 - Nov 2002


PHP3-7, ColdFusion3-11, CFScript, OOP, MVC, git, C++, VB, Laravel, Artisan, Blade Templates, Composer, CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, Bootstrap, custom wireframing, JSON, Regex, UTF-8, ImageMagick, RESTful, Selenium IDE, Apache, IIS, MySQL WorkBench, cPanel, Microsoft SQL Server, Photoshop, Illustrator, JIRA (cloud & stand alone), OpenProject(stand alone), SEO (on & offsite), Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Adwords, Adsence, Google Admin, APIs (Facebook, Twilio, MailGun, Stripe,,, Commission Junction, LinkShare, Viglink )