Scott Yardley, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Lead Developer, Jul 2020 – Sep 2021
  • Coded/maintained a standardized UI to interface with multiple marketplaces and allow for additions that enabled our online retailers to integrate/update our products to their marketplace.
  • Coded / maintained Stripe & Hubspot API controllers and webhooks controllers to keep our customers and subscriptions database tables in sync. Coded our signup process.
  • Set up Alogolia on our website for our catalog and product integration selection GUI which I also coded using Laravel and Vue.
  • As lead programmer I architected, advised direction, aided coders, gave some job assignment and ordered code change.
  • Created numerous tools to admin users, monitor data, assist in data correction and assists in programming
  • Skills used: Laravel, MySQL, Vue, Axios, Algolia, Scout, Redis, JavaScript, css, less, npm, git, gitLab, Stripe api, Stripe webhooks, HubSpot api, Api2Cart api, AWS, SP-API, Spotify api, GraphQL, yajra/laravel-datatables.